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Little Sistas Treats was created in the mind of a 4 year old girl and established during the pandemic of 2020.  

Char'Les Hawkins the visionary of Little Sistas Treats  began planning alongside her older sister Zyaire (then 7) on how their business would operate. In the back of a coloring book each quality flavor was intricately thought out.


Char'Les dreamed of an icecream truck full of her favorite treats and million dollar strawberry cones.  As time progressed the two sisters began baking, studying their craft, and keeping a watchful eye on their mother who comes from a long history of award winning professional bakers.  Including their grandmother M. Faye Vaughn a retired chef and restaurant owner for over 50+ years in Mark Twain's home town of Hannibal, MO.


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With time on the two sisters hands due to the pandemic and summer fast approaching Zyaire and Char'Les made the decision to start baking and handing out their treats to local 2020 graduates.


After the overwhelming response to our fresh stuffed cheesecake cones the two sisters launched, Little Sistas Treats Co.


Little Sistas Treats is a home based business in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  Zyaire and Char'Les are looking toward the future with a dream to have their own food service truck and little shop to be able to serve treats at local and national events.  


Little Sistas Treats would like to personally invite all Sistas from around the world to join in their quest to inspire young girls to be their own CEO.


Late post but OMG these CHEESECAKE filled waffle cones were a HUGE hit!!!

I bought 20 to support these beautiful little girls! Best treats I've had in a long time! My employees LOVED them!

Go like and follow their business page!!!

Thank you so much


please figure out a way to ship these to Illinois lol

Natasha Kraft

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